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Get access to a vast collection of 50+ services in a single app. Make your life easier and more convenient.

Vendors Platform

List your business on the Beeda Platform & reach an enormous audience.

Mobile Smart Pos

Online based system specialized in mobile and wireless payment solutions.

Digital Payment

Payments through online modes with no exchange of hand cash.

Best Encryption

Protection of data by encoding and decrypted by correct encryption key.

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Become a part of the Mega App revolution by getting all the daily services in one place.


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Beeda Mall

Beedamall is a leading E-Commerce platform to providing a seamless shopping experience for customers worldwide.

Ride Share

Beeda Rides has become increasingly popular and everyone as a reliable ride sharing platform.

Food delivery

Order your desired food from nearby famous restaurants and get delivered to your doorstep.


On-demand grocery service, availability of best grocers, ordering in advance, get delivered within 2 hours.


On-demand LPG cylinder, choose a verified gas service provider and get gas delivery to your doorstep with safety


Beeda connects florists with customers through its convenient flower delivery service.


Beeda offers a reliable and convenient water delivery service for both customers and water delivery businesses.


MegaChat is a dynamic messaging service created to link individuals around the world. Through a variety of features.


Beeda Tasker offers a large number of trade services that you can book easily from the comfort of your home.


Beeda's liquor delivery service provides a convenient and fast solution for both customers and business owners.

Beeda Play

Beeda Play is your one-stop destination for premium movies and TV content. With a vast library of top-rated movies.

Beeda Travel

Beeda creates all-in-one solutions for travelers looking to get everything from a single platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Beeda is the world’s first AI-powered Mega App. The reason why it’s a Mega App is because users can access 50+ services and solutions on a single platform. You can explore products and services from a wide range of industries on Beeda. It’s also a vast ecosystem for service providers and vendors.
Some of the core Features of the Beeda Mega App are: AI-Powered: Beeda makes personalized AI-based recommendations to ensure a high level of customization. World of Features: Users can get access to a variety of services including ecommerce, groceries, ride sharing and many more. Great for Businesses: Businesses and vendors can reach a wider audience for your business by offering your services or products on Beeda.
Food delivery: Allow vendors from restaurants, cook shops, coffee Ride sharing : Our app offers luxury services, bikes, one rider, shared journey etc..

Shopping : Our multivendor shopping platform allows user to shop both from mobile and pc.

Social Media : We have incorporated our own version of Instagram, tiktok and WhatsApp

Digital Payments : Digital wallets and micropayments apps account for 70% of all money transfer and P2P China and Singapore where superapps operates

NFTS : Non fungible tokens are apart of today new Metaverse and web 3.0 digital economy

Grocery : We offer two separate grocery delivery options 30 minutes express and normal 3-4 hours delivery

Parcel Delivery : Last mile delivery service industry is worth 8.7 Billion adding this service to our platform really completes our ecosystem

Travel : Travel is on the bucket list of all humans merging this sector of the economy, gives us a more competitive advantage

Entertainment : Our platform offers entertainment services similar to Netflix and amazon, along with our unique feature of subscription for independent creator.
Beeda Mega App is revolutionizing the tech industry with its innovative functionalities and AI-based features. It’s a great app for customers and businesses. The app ensures a high level of security and reliability. Beeda removes the need for downloading separate apps for different services. Therefore, it’s the perfect choice for our modern lives.

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